Home Theater Guide

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What It's All About

Home Theater Systems create the audio/visual impact of a movie theater in your home. With all of the prerecorded material (video tape and DVD), as well as broadcast programming available today, a great experience can be created right in your living room or basement rec. room. What is required is a BIG, CLEAR, PICTURE, and BIG, CLEAR, SOUND that surrounds you. This is, after all, what the movie theater does to get us "involved" with what's happening on the screen. High-end Home Theaters can actually surpass the performance of most local theaters in many ways, not to mention the comfort of being in your own home. Home Theater systems are also a great way for sports fans to maximize their enjoyment, the big ball game or auto race really comes to life.

Quality big screen displays (TVs) and multi-channel surround sound systems make it all happen. With High Definition TV (HDTV) coming on line at present, the quality is only going to get better and the experience more realistic. Nearly all of the programming we see is going to take a step forward in quality, over the next few years.

A small system could be a 32 in. TV with surround speakers. A large system might be a 100+ in. front projection display with state-of-the-art multi-channel audio processing. Most systems fall somewhere in between. Many of the new digital TVs will be capable of displaying computer images as well as conventional video. With quality video "streaming" becoming available via internet, it's hard to say where we'll be in a few years.

We certainly won't argue that all the material on broadcast TV and prerecorded video is worth watching, but with the number of available programs increasing all the time, it is becoming easier to find quality programming, that suits you and your family's taste. The amount of educational programming is growing all the time, sports programming is more entertaining than ever and many good movies are released each year. The art of movie making is still alive and well, and Home Theater makes it much more enjoyable.

An added bonus is that the audio surround system that works for movies, also works great for six channel music. These music recordings are just becoming available, using six separate channels to create a lifelike sound stage. A DVD (video disc) player will be required to decode these new music recordings. So music lovers, as well as movie and sports fans can enjoy Home Theater.

The systems can offer something for everyone - from cartoons, to educational programming, to sports, to music, to movies. We feel that the number of hours spent enjoying a Home Theater (by the entire family) can make this a great entertainment value.