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Background Music Systems

Background music systems are probably the most common commercial sound installation. Often the systems are used for basic voice paging, as well as background music. A typical system consists of multiple recessed ceiling mounted speakers.

The most common speaker used in this type of installation, is an 8" dual cone speaker. While the 8" dual cone functions reasonably well, an 8" 2- way coaxial speaker brings "the high end" out, for a more pleasing sound. Ceiling mounted (recessed) sub-woofers are also available, to increase the low frequency output. Increased frequency response brings a subtle, but noticeable "air of elegance/exclusive atmosphere" to the space.

Generally, these systems use constant voltage distribution systems, to minimize the cost of cabling, and allow multiple loudspeakers, driven by a single amplifier channel. Dozens of speakers can be driven by a single amp. Individual speaker volume can be adjusted (usually in 3 db steps), by the transformer tap/connection selected, or wall mounted volume controls can be installed in specific rooms.