High Definition TV

Count on us at Advanced Audio Video, to design and install the latest in Home Technology systems. Today's electronic systems provide entertainment, education, communications, security, energy savings, and much more. The systems available evolve constantly, staying ahead of the curve is difficult, even for those of us in the business. We strive to stay ahead of the technology so our customers will always get the best the electronics industry has to offer.

A custom designed and installed residential system requires, knowledge of of available products, planning and execution of the installation, and the expertise to “pull it all together”, in a reasonably simple to operate system. Trusting someone with little previous experience in Home Systems design/installation, typically results in major compromises in system performance and value.

The best place to start, is in the planning stages of new construction or remodeling. A typical job involves consultation with the construction designer, the builder and other sub-contractors (electrical contractor, cabinet builder etc.) Early planning results in smooth execution, maximum performance and timely (in budget) projects.