Telephone Systems

We install Panasonic Business Telephone Systems, offering the latest in communications technology, from one of the biggest players in the industry. We can design and install a cost effective system for your home or business. Like most electronic systems available today, the power vs. cost ratio of today's microprocessor controlled systems is much higher than systems available only a few years ago.

With home office, fax and on-line communications increasing, many homeowners are finding the need for more than just the usual residential telephone system. Home office and small business telephone systems are available that offer a multitude of features, such as: intercom and paging, built in answering systems and voice mail, music on hold, cordless operation and the list goes on. The systems are modular in design, so they can be expanded as required, additional incoming lines can be added, as well as additional extensions, and much more. Buy only what you need now, and expand as required in the future.

The Panasonic KXTA-1232 Hybrid Telephone System can -

And the list goes on...

The intercom feature allows monitoring of any extension (if so programmed), from any other extension, simply pick up the phone where you are, "key in" the proper extension, and listen in on the baby's room, for example.

The door phones allow communication with visitors. A special exterior phone, with a ringer button, sounds a distinct ring when someone comes to the door (or gate), two way intercom allows communication with the guest. A programmable key can even operate an automatic door latch, after speaking with the guest, you can unlock and/or open the door (gate) from your location inside the home or business.